Spanish Speaking Countries Flags and Free Printable Banner

Inside: Spanish speaking countries flags (free printable banner). 

For Hispanic Heritage month, lots of people are looking for decorations. How about a string of flags from Spanish-speaking countries to brighten up your space or classroom?

I’ve created a little free printable that you can download, print, and put up in no time. These would be perfect for a bulletin board or to hang from a table or mantle.

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In these Spanish speaking country flag printables, all 21 Hispanic countries are included. The United States is also there, in case anyone wants to use it (the U.S. has the second largest population of Spanish speakers in the world!). I simply cut them out, punched holes, and string them up with string.

You’ll notice these are representations of each flag, and vary a tiny bit from the original flags.

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Spanish-Speaking Country Flags

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    If you came here looking for something to add to your Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, you can also check out my post on Hispanic Heritage Month resources. I’ve got a huge collection of songs, videos, infographs, books, and lesson ideas for both teachers and parents.

    Hope these flags help you create a beautiful space to teach Spanish or celebrate the Spanish language wherever you are.

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    1. Thank you! These are awesome! I’m wondering if you happen to have one for Colombia?

    2. I had uploaded the wrong file (with errors) before, but the corrected one has been up for months and I missed your comment to let you know everything is good to go. So sorry about that!!

    3. Beautiful and easy resource. I wish the countries’ names were in Spanish or both Spanish and English – e.g. Spain/España, United States/Los Estados Unidos.

    4. the link is disabled? do you still have these

    5. hello, I want to know how can I download the free printable flags? I want to use them to decorate a library to celebrate Spanish heritage month. thank you!

    6. Do you have these that can be colored?

    7. Hi Elisabeth, I know that the Philippines doesn’t speak Spanish, but it is considered by many to be a Hispanic country culturally. I was wondering if you could please include it into the set rather than having the USA which isn’t a hispanic country, but rather a country with a lot of hispanics living in it. Any way thank you for such beautiful ideas for celebrating Hispanic Heritage. God bless 😊

    8. How can I download this please?

    9. Your post is a breath of fresh air. Keep it up!NaN

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