Christmas greetings in Spanish

10 Christmas Greetings in Spanish To Sound lIke A Native Speaker

Inside: A list of Christmas greetings in Spanish you can use during the holiday season, plus holiday vocab.

Christmas, or Navidad. is one of the major holidays English-speaking and Spanish-speaking cultures share. You’ll find people in both places wishing each other well and looking forward to a Happy New Year.

If you’re learning Spanish, what are some Christmas wishes you’ll commonly hear? In this post, I’ve got a list of the most popular phrases you can learn and use to sound like a native in Spanish.

Here’s what we’ll cover:


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10 Phrases and Christmas Greetings in Spanish

Before we dive into our Spanish Christmas greetings, do you need some printable cards?

I’ve got you covered! See my free Christmas cards in Spanish and download some gorgeous designs for Navidad and other common winter holidays.

These Christmas wishes in Spanish include both religious and non-religious phrases.

1. Merry Christmas!:
¡Feliz Navidad!

Feliz = Happy, and Navidad = Nativity, so the literal translation is Happy Nativity. You use Feliz Navidad the exact same way you would use Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas, however.

2. Same to you:
A ti también (informal) / A usted también (formal).

If someone wishes you any of the phrases on this list, you can simply say this one back!

3. Happy New Year:
Feliz Año Nuevo, Próspero Año

While Feliz año nuevo is a more literal translation (Happy = Feliz), it’s more common to hear native Spanish speakers wish each other Próspero año in songs, cards, or written greetings. Próspero año means a prosperous year, and you might recognize the phrase from the popular song Feliz Navidad.

NOTE: It’s very common in Spanish-speaking places to combine Christmas and New Year in written greetings: Feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo. This is probably the most common written greeting you will see!

4. Happy Holidays:
Felices Fiestas

Felices fiestas is not as common as Happy Holidays is in English. Many Spanish-speaking places are more overtly religious, but Felices fiesta does make sense in Spanish and would be more commonly seen in writing.

5. May God bless you and your family this Christmas / New Year:
Que Dios te bendiga a ti y a toda tu famila en esta Navidad / Año Nuevo

If addressing someone in a more formal context, this one would be Que Dios le bendiga a usted y a toda su familia esta Navidad.

6. Our best wishes for Christmas:
Nuestros mejores deseos en esta Navidad

Writing from one family to another, or from your business to another family or business? Nuestros mejores deseos para Navidad is an affectionate and friendly way to express your best wishes.

7. I hope you have a wonderful holiday:
Te deseo lo mejor en estas vacaciones

Te deseo lo mejor en estas vacaciones is another more neutral holiday greeting that sounds natural in a Spanish-speaking context.

8. Hope you have a good/lovely time:
Que la pases bien/lindo

For a more general spoken or written phrase, Que la pases bien or Que la pases lindo is a good way to wish someone well over all their vacation and holiday time.

9. Hope all your wishes come true in the New Year:
Que se cumplan todos tus deseos en el año nuevo

Again, combining wishes for the New Year with Christmas greeting is very common in the Spanishs-speaking world. If you are speaking in a more formal way, adjust this phrase to Que se cumplan todos sus deseos en el año nuevo.

10. Hope you have a Christmas full of love/peace/joy/health:
Que tengas una Navidad llena de amor/paz/alegría/salud

You could combine love, joy, peace, and/or health however you like. To say and, simply use y: love and peace would be amor y paz.

Other Holiday Greetings in Spanish

Happy Hannukah: Feliz Jánuca (or Janucá)

Happy Kwanzaa: Feliz Kwanzaa

Videos on Christmas Wishes in Spanish

Unsure of how to pronounce the phrases I have here? Here are some videos in YouTube that can teach you how to say the phrases in a natural, native-like way.

Seasonal Christmas Holiday Greetings in Spanish, from a native speaker (this is with an accent from Spain):

More holiday phrases, this time modeled by a native Spanish speaker from Colombia:

General Christmas vocabulary in Spanish:

More Christmas Vocabulary in Spanish

Angel: El angél
Candle: La vela
Christmas Card: La tarjeta de Navidad
Christmas Carols: Villancicos
Christmas Tree: El árbol de Navidad
Elf: Elfo / duende
Gift: El regalo
Gingerbread man: El hombre de jengibre
Lights: Las luces
Ornaments: Los ornamentos / adornos
Mistletoe: Muérdago
Reindeer: Los renos
Santa Claus: Papá Noel
Snow: La nieve
Snowman: El muñeco de nieve
Snowflake: La copa de nieve
Star: La estrella
Stocking: Media Navideña / Bota Navideña
Winter: El invierno
Wisemen: Los reyes magos
Wrapping Paper: Papel para envolver / papel de regalo
Wreath: Corona

Christmas Foods in Spanish:

Candy Cane: El bastón de caramelo
Cookie: La galleta
Eggnog: Ponche de huevo
Gingerbread: Jengibre
Hot Chocolate: Chocolate caliente
Panettone (sweet bread with fruits, somewhat similar to fruitcake): Panetón
Peppermint: Menta
Turkey: El pavo

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