The Best Spanish Shows on Netflix

by | Dec 21, 2017

Inside: My top recommendations for Spanish shows on Netflix. 


I speak Spanish all day with my kids and as a teacher, which gives me lots of opportunities to practice. But really, I need good input too! And lucky for me, there are more and more great Spanish series available to watch. Here are a bunch of suggestions (most of which I’ve personally watched). 

As a semi-introvert, my ideal evening just might be curled at home with a good show. Not surprisingly, Spanish shows on Netflix is one of my favorite forms of professional development! Pajamas + a good series = yes please. 

Below, I’ve included a brief commentary where I could, However, if you’re wondering about ratings, please be sure to click on the title and get a better idea of the content. Remember that Netflix regularly adds and pulls shows– just let me know if you catch something I should update! If you would rather watch movies, I have a whole page dedicated to lists of movies in Spanish as well. 


Spanish Shows on Netflix


Ready? Let’s get started.


1. Velvet


This is a GREAT show. The drama of the main two character wasn’t actually my favorite: what makes the show are the endearing supporting characters. I love the aesthetics, clever dialogue, and lively personalities throughout. Set in Spain. (Velvet Colección, a spin-off series, is now available as well!)



2. El tiempo entre costuras


Often compared to Downton Abbey, El tiempo entre costuras is a mini-series based off a novel. Set during the Spanish Civil War, it follows a seamstress unlucky-in-love, who gets caught up between spies in Franco’s Spain. It has gorgeous scenery and costuming. This is one of my very favorites, and I’ve used it in class along with a study of the Spanish Civil War. Set in Spain and Morocco.



3. Club de cuervos


This was one of those shows I initially wrote off, then totally got into. The first episode is fairly explicit but gets a tamer as the series goes on. It’s quite the study in family disfunction, and turned out to be more complex, funny, and memorable than I expected. Both my husband and I have enjoyed it (I watched El tiempo entre costuras alone, haha). Set in Mexico.



4. Gran Hotel


Here’s your really well-done telenovela that even my action-loving husband couldn’t stop watching. Full of intrigue and mystery, it’s got plenty of the novela qualities– but with a solid story and characters to back it up. Like Velvet, the supporting characters are the best part of the story. (If you’re not finding it on Netflix, search Grande Hotel.) Set in Spain. 



5. Pablo Escobar: El patrón del mal


This was a hard show to watch, but one we both really liked. It’s an extensive series based on the life and rise of Pablo Escobar to power. A lot of the events shown were new to me, and filled in some gaps in the complicated relationship between the Colombian public and Escobar (even though it’s not a historical documentary). It was interesting to watch together, as my husband remembers much of the story from his childhood the nearby Peruvian jungle. Set in Colombia.



6. La niña


Based on a true story, La niña tells the incredible story of a girl forcibly recruited by the guerillas in Colombia, who then escapes and tries to reintegrate into society. Although she manages to reunite with her family even get into medical school, her past haunts her.  Unlike many of the other series in this list, it gives a in-depth look into everyday life for working-class families in Latin America. Set in Colombia.



7. Morroco: Tiempos de Guerra


Set in the 1920’s, a group of wealthy nurses is set the Morrocan front during the Rif War and must adapt to the conditions and reality of wartime. If you weren’t ready to let Gran Hotel go, Cristina is back as the star of this romantic drama. Set in WWI, Morroco, and Spain.



8. Luis Miguel


A dramatized telling of Luis Miguel’s life and rise to fame as the Sol de México. The story moves between his early years of stardom and childhood, exploring the disappearance of his mother and tortured relationship with his father. Not an easy watch due in terms of the family dynamics, but Luis Miguel just might be a breath of fresh air for viewers looking for a violence-free Latin American show. Set mainly in Mexico. 



9. Ingobernable


Starring the iconic Kate del Castillo as the first lady of Mexico, Ingobernable begins as her world is turned upside down and she finds herself running for her life. Accused of assassinating her husband, she must find her way outside her life of wealth and power, to prove her innocence. Set in Mexico.



10. Las chicas del cable


From the creators of Gran Hotel and Velvet, this show is packed with favorite actors from both shows, as well as El Barco and El Internado. It follows 4 women who work for a cable company in the 20’s. I was a bit put off by the jarring modern music combined with a really gorgeous set, but enough of my friends like it that I think I’ll give it another chance. Set in Spain.



11. El internado


Confession: I haven’t watched this one! That’s pretty much Spanish-teacher sacrilege, I know. However– I have a lot of friends who LOVE it and swear by as one of the best Spanish shows on Netflix for class. Set in a boarding school, it’s a mystery series. Set in Spain.



12. Merlí


An unorthodox philosophy teacher tries to open up the worlds of his students, a la Dead Poet’s Society. On my list to watch (I’ve heard good things), and set in Spain. 



13. El ministerio del tiempo


A Dr. Who-type show, El ministerio del tiempo is a top-secret time-travel agency that functions loosely under the government of Spain. AS the series opens, three new agents join forces to guard the doors of time: a 16-century soldier, a 21-st parademic, and a 19th-centry students. This one is packed with history and art, set in Spain.



14. Juana Inés


I haven’t seen this one yet, but Allison from Mis Clases Locas reviewed it for us and recommend it




15. El chapo


It’s a reasonable criticism that too many shows/movies paint Latin America as full of drugs, violence, etc. And this show was hard to watch for the violence, same as Pablo Escobar. I did think it was well-done though, and we both got into it (it was a really interesting background to Kate del Castillo’s documentary “The Day I Met Chapo”). Set in Mexico.



15. Sobreviviendo a Escobar


Just to continue right along with narco-theme series, Sobreviviendo Pablo Escobar was a fascinating follow-up to Pablo Escobar (and Narcos). Set in Colombia. 



16. La casa de papel


A group of burglars joined together to pull off the most daring robbery in the history of Spain. As plans go awry, relationships and characters are tested in this psychological thriller. 



17. Mar de plástico


A detective searches for answers after the death of a girl in southern Spain.



18. El barco


Another Spanish mystery, El barco follows a group of young people on a boat during a global cataclysm, who believe themselves to be the only people left on earth. We got really into this one initially, though my interest waned a bit with the extreme drama every episode, hah. If you liked El internado and Gran hotel, you’ll probably like this one! Set in Spain (sort’ve… they’re in the ocean most of the time).



19. La esclava blanca


A woman is taken rescued and raised by slaves, and later must make her life in a Spanish nunnery. I haven’t seen this one, but heard it recommended by several other teachers.



20. El reemplazante


Just out of prison, a former executive becomes a math teacher. Haven’t seen this one yet, but it comes highly recommended– a perfect watch for teachers!




21. Bala loca


A journalist investigates corruption in Chile. 





Did I miss any of your favorite Spanish shows on Netflix? Leave your favorites in the comments!


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Spanish shows on Netflix

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