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20 Free PDFs to Learn Spanish for Beginners

Inside: A list of free learn Spanish PDFs and workbooks for beginners to intermediate students.

Are you getting start with Spanish? Many people who want to teach themselves or someone else Spanish are on the lookout for a PDF workbook to get organized and guide their Spanish learning process.

Lucky for you, I have some fantastic resources that will help you learn Spanish for free, through PDFs and workbooks.

Note: I’m including some grammar-based PDFs here, because I know some learners are looking for that. I don’t actually think that most grammar and workbooks are the best route to Spanish fluency. If you want to know my take on it, read my post on Why I Threw Out My Spanish Textbook and my page on Teaching Spanish 101.

If you stumbled across this post and are looking for a robust way to teach yourself Spanish, check out that post with a huge list of excellent online resources (these include videos, Podcasts, apps, etc.)

Back to our list of learn Spanish PDfs!

Top 5 Learn Spanish PDFs

Below, you can find a quick list to lots of free workbooks and PDFs for all ages and levels of Spanish learners. Before that list, however, I wanted to highlight my top five favorite downloads:

  • Free Spanish Lessons for Kids (500+ pages)
  • 10-Day PDF Spanish Resource Kit for Families (30 pages)
  • Learning Spanish Workbook for Beginners (245 pages)
  • Comprehension Downloads for Buena Gente

You can read about each one and get a peek into the content, and then scroll through more options below if you’re still looking for something a little different.

Spanish PDF for Kids

This free Spanish starter kit includes a PDF download for 6 beginner units, covering common themes like greetings, numbers, family, emotions, hobbies, and other topics. The 500+ pages of PDFs include games, vocabulary cards, stories, worksheets, and more!

Free Spanish PDF REsource Guide

Do you want to raise bilingual kids or learn a little Spanish together as a family? I set up a 10-Day email challenge to help you get started (you can delete yourself from my list if you’d rather just download the 30-page-PDF). This guide helps you pick podcasts, books, apps, etc. step-by-step. Grab the PDF guide here.

spanish workbook for beginners pdf

Meant to be used with the Great Courses video series, this printable workbook takes beginning Spanish learners through basic of Spanish grammar topics and includes extensive vocabulary lists and charts. If you’re looking for something traditional that can be printed all at once, these 245 pages will be a helpful tool for you.

Spanish PDF lessons

spanish PDF Listening & Comprehension Activities

The free video series Buena Gente, produced by Spanish Playground, has free PDFs that go with the episodes from all three seasons so far. These are great for working with comprehensible input!

More Free PDFs and Spanish Workbooks

Spanish PDFs for Kids:

Learn Spanish Grammar PDFs:

  • A 96-page PDF, self-described as a way to teach you to become a “proficient reader and writer” in Spanish.
  • A 178-page Spanish workbook using the Skill Mastery Approach to Total Linguistic Function, from Eric Greenfield.
  • 94-page grammar textbook in PDF format that moves from beginning to advanced topics.
  • Español 101 is 81 pages of the basics of Spanish grammar and vocabulary, for beginners.

Free Spanish PDF Books for Learners or Native Speakers:


  • CONALFA is a Guatemalan program set up for young people and adults who are learning basic literacy and math. They have printable PDFs you can use for free.
  • Spanish Style-Guide for Writing – I am so glad I found this one! It’s a super-helpful summary of writing in 6 printable pages.
  • If you just need a giant printable list of words, this 1000 Spanish Vocabulary Words PDF might be for you.
  • Lingua has 25 free texts for Spanish Beginners, that you can complete online or print as PDFs.

I hope these resources were helpful to you! Let me know in the comments if I missed any great resources.

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