Día del amor y la amistad: A Spanish Round-Up

by | Jan 26, 2016

Inside: Spanish activities for Valentine’s Day in Spanish.


Who needs ideas and activities for Valentine’s Day in Spanish? I’ve collected some amazing resources perfect for tying the celebration into your classroom. Valentine’s day goes by several names– El día de los enamorados, Día del amor y la amistad, or Día de San Valentín— and it’s not always celebrated on Feb. 14th.


But either way, it’s fun to celebrate friendship and love, and lends itself well to relevant, engaging activities.


Some of the links are divided into high school and elementary, and middle school classes could probably use some from both categories. Please share if you have fun ideas for Valentine’s Day in Spanish, as well!



Spanish ActiVies for Valentine’s Day





Spanish Numbers 1-10 Hearts Interactive Notebook Activity from Island Teacher




Free Bilingual Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids from Ladydeelg




Free Valentine Card Printables from Mommy Maleta




Printable Spanish Valentine Cards for Kids from Spanish Playground




Practice Numbers in Spanish from Ladydeelg




Spanish Valentine Card from Flapjack Education




Multilingual Valentine Love Letter from Multicultural Kid Blogs












Spanish Valentine Treat Boxes from Spanish Playground




Spanish Valentine Decorations from World Language Cafe




Printable Valentines Day Banner in Spanish from Living Mi Vida Loca




Spanish Valentine’s Day Cake Toppers from Ladydeelg












Valentine’s Sentence Building Activity Sheets from Mommy Maestra




Matching Hearts Game from Mundo de Pepita




Spanish Valentine Game with Silly Rhymes from Spanish Playground




Spanish Valentine Books for Kids from Spanish Playground




Valentine’s Day Blog Hop – Spanish Style from Sra. Casado Teaches Bilinguals








Candy Love Letters
 from Creative Language Class




Como Escribir un Poema de Amor from Throw Away your Textbook




10 Ways to Spice Up Valentine’s Day in Your World Language Classroom from World Language Cafe




Spanish Valentine Game: Matching Verb-Pronoun Combinations from Spanish Playground




Mi pareja ideal from Sol Azucar




Speed Dating Activity from Creative Language Class












Spanish Phrases for Valentine Cards from Spanish Playground




Terms of Endearment in Spanish from Spanish Mama












Valentine’s Day Playlist from Hispanic Mama




La historia de San Valentín (English audio, Spanish subtitles)











Es día de San Valentín Charlie Brown (25min)











El Chavo del 8, Día del San Valentín (25min)











Llueve el amor











Mi niña bonita











Cuando estás conmigo




















Tú eres mi corazón











Mis amigos











Día del amor y la amistad











Arroyo (terms of endearment)











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