Spanish Valentine’s Day Cards: Free Printables for Día del amor

Inside: Free printable Spanish Valentine’s Day cards for the home or classroom.

Looking for printables for el Día de San Valentín? I’ve got a set of sweet cards for you that are totally free! Just download, print, and go.  

These cards are great for personal use or for the Spanish classroom on February 14th. Many people in Spain and Latin America observe the day, complete with gifts, chocolate, balloons, flowers, candy, and of course a Valentine’s card.

In my download for you, some of the cards use classic Latin-romantic phrases (mi media naranja, mi amor, para mi amorcito). 

Others are more generic, to express friendship or between parents and kids (para mi osito, te quiero mucho).

Free Printable Spanish Valentine’s Day Cards

I recommend printing the cards onto cardstock.

How to Say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish

What should you write in your card?

Here’s the basic translation of Happy Valentine’s Day:

Feliz día de San Valentín

You can also say:

Feliz día de Amor y la Amistad

Greetings in Spanish like “Feliz día” are also common. 

Kisses besos

Sweetheart = amor, amorcito, cariño

But just as I start to get into Spanish vocabulary phrases to express love and affection, it’s too long to list here. There are so many ways in Spanish! Be sure to check out these posts:

Tips for Making Cards in Spanish Class:

Many of you will be using these cards at home (and are already fluent speakers!). If you’re using them in the classroom with Spanish learners, here are a few tips on how to make the most of this activity. 

(Looking for a huge list of ideas? Try my post on Valentine’s Day activities for the Spanish classroom.)

  • Tell a story, or use an authentic resource give input on letter-writing phrases.Something like the song video Querido Tommy would be just right for spending some time on language used in personal letters. You’ll hear repetitions of common phrases like querido, carta, te escribo para decirte…. You can also lower the volume or pause to narrate the story that’s shown in the video. Spend plenty of time on this.

  • Don’t just hand out the cards and let the students loose. They’ll want to use lots of language they don’t know in Spanish, and you’ll be writing everything on the board or copying things willy-nilly from dictionaries. Instead, brainstorm ways to express some common sentiments using language they know. The day before, perhaps, write a card in Spanish and give it to them as a reading.
  • Another idea: use the song video for Robarte un beso. There are four sets of people from each video. Write a card (using language on the level your class needs), from the person in each of the couples in the song, leaving out names. Hand them out as readings, and read individually or as a class. Then, watch the video. Let the students match each card to the couples in the video.

  • Most classes won’t be ready to write a full card on their own, or it won’t be useful to their acquisition. Consider providing an outline, or supplying phrases where they only provide a word or two to personalize it. If you used the song Querido Tommy, give “te escribo para decirte que eres ______” as a model, so they only have to supply or two words. Think of simple language like “te quiero porque me ________,”  or “Eres muy especial para mi porque eres _________.”
  • Another option would be to write the person’s name inside the card, vertically, and write a word for that person that starts with each letter of their name.
  • For more advanced classes, provide the lyrics to a song and do blackout poetry. The students use a marker to cover (blackout) the parts they don’t need. The words that are left form the new poem, and this is the text of the card. Just make sure to use something fairly simple!

I got so excited about using Querido Tommy and Robarte un beso that I created a whole lesson using those to teach letter-writing.  And while you’re writing your cards, you can use my Valentine’s playlists in the background:

In case you are a teacher or a parent with kids who like to color, I also have a set for sale (just $1.50!) on Teachers pay Teachers, which you can find below. With those cards, you can color the words and pictures. Hope these help you celebrate Día del amor y la amistad  in Spanish!

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