The Ultimate Free Guide to Learn Spanish Online with Kids

by | Dec 29, 2016

Inside: Free resources to learn Spanish online with kids.


It’s easier than ever to learn language now, with so many online Spanish resources for kids– for free! The hardest part is just going through all of them and deciding where to start.

No worries though: I’ve collected and sorted through the most popular Spanish resources, so you can find what you need. If I am missing any, let me know! I’ve also got you covered if you want to teach yourself Spanish and need resources for an older crowd.

Learn Spanish Online with Kids



1. Salsa
This PBS series was designed to teach Spanish through 15 or 30-minute story segments. You can access all the episodes here at Georgia Public Broadcasting.





2. Oh Noah!
Another PBS series, these episodes are a mix of Spanish and English. Noah goes to live with his grandmother in a neighborhood where most people only speak Spanish. All are available on YouTube.


3. Calico Spanish
Calico Spanish is mentioned again below for their songs, but they have stories and conversations online as well.


4. ¡Habla Jorge!



5. Maguaré

If mom or dad speak some Spanish, and the kids aren’t complete novices, Maguaré is a huge website from Colombia, packed with stories, songs, online books, and more. 



If you already have Netflix, you can see my Spanish cartoons on Netflix page


1. Peppa Pig
There are tons of free Peppa Pig shows on YouTube. They will be difficult for true beginners, but if your kids know a little they will definitely recognize words and phrases. Most of the language is clear, simple, and repetitive, and the action is slow enough that the language is more accessible. (Find the official Spanish channel here.)



2. La vaca hace mu
This series was made for Spanish speaking children, but would be great for learners as well. The language is very repetitive and easy to understand for novices. Each episode features a different animal and tells all about them.



3. Pocoyó
Pocoyo is another series with many episodes on YouTube in Spanish. This is a popular one among kids and has high comprehensibility as well.


4. Caillou
Again, lots of free episodes on YouTube.


5. Semillitas
Made for Spanish speakers, but could work for more advanced learners. YouTube channel here.



Songs are some of the most effective online Spanish resources for kids, especially when their parents aren’t native speakers. (I have started a collection of songs by theme you can access here!)


1. Calico Spanish
I really love how these videos have subtitles– perfect for parents trying to learn along with their kids! Find the homepage for the YouTube channel here.



2. Super Simple Spanish
An excellent resource for Spanish learners. Highly comprehensible, with songs that go beyond simple themes of numbers and colors, with communicative language. See the official YouTube channel



3. Rockalingua
Rockalingua has many songs for Spanish learners by topic as well.



4. Toobys
These are designed for younger kids, and have been really popular at our house. Songs from Toobys could be for Spanish learners or native speakers. Find the YouTube channel here.



5. Leoncito Alado
Made for native speakers, but slow enough to help learners. YouTube channel here.



5. Basho & Friends
Elementary-aged student students will find Basho & Friends feels less “little kid” but still comprehensible.  YouTube channel here.





1. A Collection of 50 Spanish Stories from Spanish Playground
A huge list of links to stories in Spanish.

2. Spanish Children’s Stories by The Spanish Experiment
Famous stories read by native speakers.

3. Children’s Short Stories in Spanish by 123 TeachMe

4. Collection of Poemas by Spanish Mama
Some of the most famous rhymes and poems in Spanish.

5. Songs and Rhymes from Mama Lisa’s World

6. Fables Told in Simple Spanish by Spanish Mama
These stories are told in picture format with only beginning vocabulary Some of these would be better for older elementary.



1. Spanish Playground
There are tons of resources on this site for Spanish learners.

2. Preschool Lessons from Spanish Mama
Designed for parents who speak some Spanish, or for teaching preschool Spanish classes.

3. 20 Spanish Apps and Games for Kids from Kid World Citizen
Great list for learners at home!

4. ÁrbolABC
Literacy activities similar to ABC Mouse, but in Spanish. 

5. Spanish Town
The site is newly designed, with lots of games and activities.

6. Online Free Spanish
Online activities, divided by level. 


Learn Spanish Online With Kids

What are your favorites resources to learn Spanish online with kids? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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Learn Spanish Online with Kids


Hey! I’m Elisabeth, a teacher and mom raising two bilingual kids in the Peruvian jungle. Read our story here. I love digging up the best Spanish resources for all you busy parents and teachers!

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