Spanish Lesson Plans by Theme

Inside: A guide to Spanish songs by themes and learning levels.

This page is long! I’ve broken it into 3 sections:

1. Spanish Lessons for PreK – Early Elementary

2. Lesson Plans for Upper Elementary Spanish Learners

3. Spanish Lesson Plans for Middle and High School Students

Before we get to the lessons, here’s a quick guide to songs lists for Spanish themes, for kids:

Spanish Lesson Plans for Preschool to Early Elementary

Spanish Greetings Resources

PreK Spanish Numbers Resources

PreK Spanish Colors Resources

PreK Spanish Body Parts Resources

Body parts are perfect for little Spanish learners. You can do tons of tactile and movement-based activities!

Farm Animals Lesson Plan

I have some really cute free printables for learning the names of farm animals!

Food in Spanish Lesson Plan

With young children, I recommend choosing just a few foods to begin with. I liked starting with one food for each color!

Spanish Lesson Plans for Elementary And Middle School

Greetings in Spanish Lessons

  • Free PDF here, for greetings and estar
  • Free greetings Story in Spanish
  • Greetings in Spanish Lesson Ideas

Spanish Numbers Lessons

Colors in Spanish Lessons

  • Here’s a post with a free printable pack (color-by-number, word searches, etc.).
  • Free PDF with lessons, flashcards, games, etc.

Spanish Classroom Objects Lessons

Body Parts in Spanish Lessons

Spanish Lessons About Families

  • Free PDF lesson with flashcards and family tree poster (be sensitive with activities like this- fictional families can be used).
  • Simple free Spanish story for members of the family.

Hobbies in Spanish Lessons

Clothing in Spanish Lessons

Clothing in Spanish Lessons