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Spanish has spilled into every part of my life.
That’s why this site has a little bit of everything: from preschool to high school, from students at school to my kids at home.  

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D oes the tired refrain “I took three years of Spanish and can’t speak a word” make you crazy? Do you want MORE?

Bienvenido. This site is for you.

I assumed I’d always belong to the “three years and nothing” crowd. But living in Peru, the magic happened: I began to speak Spanish. I fell in love with the culture, the language, and my Peruvian husband.

I knew I wanted my kids to grow up bilingual, for my students to feel the same magic I did. It’s not been easy, but there’s good news! That MORE? It’s possible. Not because I’m a master teacher, and not because you have to be one. You just need to be in touch with the good stuff: wisdom from those farther down the road, and resources packed with living language. You’re busy teaching; let me dig it all up for you and share it here.

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Latin Christmas Songs: Your Essential Spanish Playlist

Inside: Latin Christmas songs playlist to celebrate with family and friends.    Whether you like to turn on the Christmas songs in October or you prefer to wait for December, there's nothing to bring on Navidad nostalgia like music. I grew up listening to classic...

The Best Thanksgiving Songs in Spanish for Kids

Inside: Thanksgiving songs in Spanish for kids. As you prep for the holidays, I've collected some Thanksgiving-themed songs for Spanish learners. They're hard to find, as Spanish-speaking countries outside of Puerto Rico don't celebrate the day. But here are my...

Songs: The Easy Way to the ABCs in Spanish

Inside: Find your favorite ABC song in Spanish on YouTube, for home or school. Songs are the easy way to learn sounds and names of the things. They're perfect for the Spanish alphabet, too! For native speakers, it's a first step to reading, and for Spanish learners,...

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