spanish activities with kids at home

101 Easy Spanish Activities for Kids Stuck at Home (With Printable Lists)

Inside: Spanish activities for kids that can be done at home. 

Whew. A lot is going on.

Many of you are stuck at home right now. Classes are cancelled and playdates are a no-no. Aside from general unease itself, there are some pressing practical issues too. Issues like: what the heck do we all day long with these kids?

My kids’ classes are cancelled at least until April, and I expect it to be much longer. The president of Peru just ordered a mandatory quarantine for the next 15 days, at least.

It’s like summer break: sometimes it’s sweet and we’re all doing a puzzle or piled on the bed reading books. Sometimes it’s a long day of hollering at everyone to please calm down, and for heaven’s sake don’t wake the sleeping baby, and please just eat like a normal person in your chair for once.

But we have a choice for how to use this extra family time! I’m trying to see what kind of mom-goodness I can squeeze out of the situation. We’re all in this together, and many teachers and creators are pulling together to offer great resources you can use at home.

Which brings me to the premise of this post: how about using the extra time together to learn or practice more Spanish?

I don’t want to you waste any of your precious quarantine time trying to scrap together Spanish resources from all over the internet, either. Nope! Just treat yourself to a glass of wine or something nice and browse all these easy ideas you can simply do at home.

If you just want lists of awesome apps, playlist, channels, movies, books, etc. see my post on Summer Spanish Learning for Families. Otherwise, scroll on!

spanish activities with kids at home

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101 Spanish Activities for Kids at Home

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    This is an extensive list, so if there’s something specific you’re looking for, click on that section below. Otherwise, take your time and browse around.

    Online Spanish Activities for Kids

    Screen-Free Spanish Activities for Kids

    Print-and-Do Spanish Activities 

    Learn-as-a-Family Spanish Activities and Lessons
    (Learning by themes such as numbers, colors, family members, etc.)

    If you find any information here is outdated or incorrect, please let me know in the comments so I can keep everything up to date. Let’s get started!


    If you don’t mind some screen time , here are some great ways to fill your home with Spanish and learn together.

    1. Read an online book in Spanish.
    2. Practice your drawing skills by watching Spanish YouTubers teach art.
    3. Learn a Spanish clean-up song and tidy your room.
    4. Do Yoga in Spanish.
    5. Listen to a familiar nursery rhyme in Spanish.
    6. Play a game on Árbol ABC or Spanish Town.
    7. Cook together by watching kids cook in Spanish.
    8. Watch Salsa Episodes and do an activity.
    9. Do a craft following directions in Spanish.
    10. Watch/listen to a song from Super Simple Spanish.
    11. Read or listen to free online books in Spanish.
    12. Send text messages to someone you know who speaks Spanish.
    13. Do an activity on Online Free Spanish.
    14. Watch Episodes of “Oh Noah!” – a PBS show for learners.
    15. Watch a cartoon in Spanish (on YouTube or Netflix).
    16. Listen to a Fairy Tale in Spanish with slow audio.
    17. Download a Spanish app and complete activities on it.
    18. Listen to a Podcast in Spanish.

    19. Learn about Frida Kahlo with free coloring pages and videos for kids.


    These are simply ideas to use the language and speak together. Some are culture-focused and you could speak Spanish while doing the project together.

    1. Draw a monster with sidewalk chalk and label the body parts.
    2. Make a Bingo board to practice new words. Start with an outline of blank squares and a word list, and illustrate different words in the boxes.
    3. Print Scavenger Hunt Lists for indoors and outdoors. 
    4. Make a worry doll.
    5. Label some parts of your house. Try to use those words during the day!
    6. Make a play restaurant with menus and practice ordering food.
    7. Gather some objects and put on a blindfold. Try to guess each object in Spanish, by feeling it.
    8. Make a tissue paper flag from a Spanish-speaking country.
    9. Print thank you cards in Spanish, and write a note to someone saying “gracias”!
    10. Play “Simon Says” in Spanish.
    11. Write Spanish words in shaving cream.
    12. Make picture and word cards for any theme and play Go Fish or Memory.
    13. Make “ojos de dios.”
    14. Draw your family tree and label in Spanish.
    15. Play Mano Nerviosa to practice numbers.
    16. Do a color scavenger hunt or a shape hunt in your house. Write the words for the shapes, and then look throughout the house for things that match the shape (i.e., rectángulo = la puerta)
    17. Read a book in Spanish and create a comic-strip summary.
    18. Cook something by following a recipe in Spanish (here are 33 easy ideas).
    19. Print Hispanic Heritage coloring pages and color with a playlist in Spanish in the background.
    20. Memorize a traditional poem or rhyme in Spanish.
    21. Do a blindfolded taste test and practice saying “me gusta/no me gusta.”
    22. Play a regular board game or card game, but speak Spanish the whole time.
    23. Make tissue paper flowers.
    24. Make puppets and write a skit.
    25. Turn a clock in your house into a flower or sun with labels to practice saying the time.

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      These activities are screen-free but do require some printing to set them up. All are free, though you may have to create a free Teachers Pay Teachers account to access a few of them.

      1. Print and make a minibook about Peru.
      2. Print out chore cards in Spanish and create a daily routines chart.
      3. Complete a  15-page Spanish-learning pack from Mundo de Pepita.
      4. Practice the ABCs in with these free printables.
      5. Print and make a mini-book about Mexico.
      6. Learn terms for foods in Spanish with these game cards.
      7. Print a Dolores Huerta learning pack in Spanish, for kids.
      8. Solve Puzzles to Learn about Rooms in the House and Chores.
      9. Print and complete activities about Spain.(Credit: Rachel Young)
      10. Learn the names and capitals of Spanish-speaking countries.
      11. Print and do color-by-numbers and other worksheets for the colors in Spanish.
      12. Make a “doy gracias” mini-book.
      13. Practice zoo animals with this “I have, who has” game.
      14. Make puppets to go with the song “Los pollitos dicen.”
      15. Print and make a book about the days of the week.
      16. Make a mini-book about shapes in Spanish.
      17. Read a Fable in Spanish and do some activities.
      18. Print and make a mini-book about farm animals in Spanish with flashcards for games.
      19. Learn about Day of the Dead with these printable coloring pages.
      20. Print and play Apple to Apples with a DIY game.


      These Spanish activities are helpful to families who are learning together, or kids who are starting as beginners.

      Spanish Activities for Greetings 

      (Download the activities & printables here):

      1. Print and cut out the word cards..
      2. Draw a portrait with your name and how you feel.
      3. Pick a greetings song to learn.
      4. Make a mini-book about emotions.
      5. Read the story about Miguel and Rosa.
      6. Create a cartoon with a get-to-know-you conversation.

      Spanish Activities for Body Parts, Actions, and Objects

      (Download the activities & printables here.)

      1. Print and cut out the word cards..
      2. Use the object cards to label things in your house.
      3. Pick a body parts song to learn.
      4. Play “I have, who has” to practice parts of the body, and objects.
      5. Go outside and do body outline in chalk. Label the parts.
      6. Read the school stories – Story A and Story B.
      7. Do the matching words/sentences/pictures activity.

      Spanish Activities for Numbers 

      (Download the activities & printables here.)

      1. Print and cut out the new word cards.
      2. Pick a numbers song to learn.
      3. Play Numbers Bingo.
      4. Pick a body parts song to learn.
      5. Read about monsters and match the pictures.
      6. Read the story about Julio.
      7. Play Mano Nerviosa to practice the numbers.
      8. Read the monster description and draw.
      9. Print and do these free numbers activities (word searches, crossword puzzles, etc.)

      Spanish Activities for Family Members and Telling Time 

      (Download the activities & printables here.)

      1. Print and cut out the new word cards.
      2. Draw and label your family tree (or a famous family like The Incredibles)
      3. Listen to Baby Shark in Spanish to practice members of the family.
      4. Listen to this book naming family members.
      5. Play Go Fish or Memory with all your word cards so far.
      6. Listen to this song about family members.
      7. Read the family puzzles and match to the picture.
      8. Read the story about Ana’s family and do the guessing activity
      9. Draw a picture of yourself and write how old you are.
      10. Read the sheet that talks about telling time.
      11. If your family has a clock, cut out flower petals or sun rays to label each hour.
      12.  Play What Time is it, Mr. Fox?” in Spanish.
      13. Read the clock times and write the hands to show the time.
      14. Use all the Spanish you have learned so far to talk about the differences in the “Spot it” sheets.
      15. Listen to the  songs “Chumbala,” a classic song for kids in Spanish.
      16. Watch this video about asking what time it is.

      Spanish Activities for Adjectives and Colors 

      (Download the activities & printables here.)

      1. Print and cut out the new word cards.
      2. Watch this video about colors.
      3. Play Go Fish or Memory with all your word cards so far.
      4. Listen to a ¿Te gusta..? song from Super Simple Spanish.
      5. Read this book about big and small animals.
      6. Read this book about mixing colors (nube = cloud).
      7. Do the “Me gusta/No me gusta” activity, using words you know so far in Spanish.
      8. Draw or list words that go with each adjective.
      9. Call or text any Spanish speakers you know for the colors graph.
      10. Do the “All About Me” page.
      11. Read the story about the birthday present.
      12. Get extra practice with this Spanish colors activity pack (word searches, crosswords puzzles, etc.).

      Spanish Activities for Activities and Hobbies 

      (Download the guiding unit activities & printables here.)

      1. Print and cut out the new word cards.
      2. Play Go Fish or Memory with all your word cards so far.
      3. Watch/listen to this song about sports.
      4. Read this book about reading.
      5. Watch this video about hobbies in Spanish.
      6. Watch this about what sports you like.
      7. Read this book to review family members and hobbies.
      8. Complete the sheet showing what activities you like, can do, and can’t do.
      9. Call or text any Spanish speakers  you know for the activities graph.
      10. Read the story about Ana and Alex.

      Spanish Activities for the ABCs

      1. Practice the ABCs in with these free printables.
      2. Pick an ABC song to practice in Spanish.

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