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Mi Vida Loca Episode 16: La habitación 320

Episode 16: La habitación 320 Ordinals, 100's, possessives, the alphabet. Game: Bingo I don't always think the alphabet is crucial for beginners (a few times watching the song below and the sounds will be familiar), but often it's a requirement to teach. I think Bingo...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 15: Una excursión

Episode 15: Una excursión The months of the year, questions words Activity: Order the Months Write the months out on large pieces of paper. Give one each to a set of 12 students, and have them put themselves in order without speaking English. If you have a large...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 14: ¿Te gusta el vino?

Episode 14: ¿Te gusta el vino? Booking a room, giving personal information, hay/es/está.  Just a heads up: As the title implies, this episode centers on a visit to a winery. If that's an issue for your class, you may want to preview this one! Activity: Me Gusta / No...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 13: El restaurante

Episode 13: El restaurante Ordering a meal, er/ ir verbs,  more food. Game: Batalla Naval Print out the Battleship games I have available as a freebie and fill in the verbs from Episode 10. (Or buy the Mi Vida Loca Activity Pack and print our ready-to-go games aligned...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 12: Día de mercado

Episode 12: Día de Mercado Shopping for food, tener.  Game: Go Fish Use my free printable La comida Food Game Cards to play Go Fish and practice tener + food terms.  Put students in groups of 3-6. Shuffle the cards and deal 5-7 cards per player. Players set any pairs...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 10: La clase de español

Episode 10: La clase de español Introductions, -ar verbs, ser, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Game: Batalla Naval Print out the Battleship games I have available as a freebie and fill in the verbs from Episode 10. (Or buy the Mi Vida Loca Activity Pack and print our...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 9: ¿Hay un hotel?

Episode 9: ¿Hay un hotel? Booking a room, giving personal information, hay/es/está.  Game: ¿Qué hay en la bolsa? Choose several items the students might know how to describe and how to say in Spanish. Without showing the students, hide an item in the bag. Play 20...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 8: Un billete de ida

Episode 8: Un billete de ida Numbers 16-99, buying travel tickets, para.  Game: Lotería I have a Bingo game included for this episode in my Mi Vida Loca Activity Pack, but you could easily make one using my free printable here. I like to dictate the numbers in Spanish...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 7: La oficina de turismo

Episode 7: La oficina de turismo Telling time, days of the week.  Game: ¿Qué hora es, Señor Zorro? This game is best played in a gym or outside. Pick one student to be Señor Zorro/Señorita Zorra. The rest of the students line up opposite Señor Zorro, as far away a...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 6: Un regalo

Episode 6: Un regalo Plurals, buying a gift, numbers 1 to 15. Game: Mano Nerviosa  Divide the students into groups of 4-6. (Can be played with 2-3 if needed.) Ace = 1 2 – 10 = 2 – 10 Jack = 11 Queen = 12 King = 13 Divide all of the cards evenly among the players, and...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 5: Tapas

Episode 5: Tapas Ordering food and drinks, pronouns, quiero Activity: Bracket Game (reviewing food and drinks in Spanish) By now your students have learned over 16 terms for food and drinks. Do a bracket tournament and vote on the top food or drink. Use my March...


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