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Mi Vida Loca Episode 21: En la costa

Episode 21: En la costa Weather, past participles, hacer. Game: 20 Preguntas Show a large map of North and South America and keep it up during the game (it helps if it's the kind of map that where the countries are different colors). Choose one student to start. That...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 20: Me siento mal

Episode 20: Me siento mal Describing symptoms, reflexive verbs, la farmacia.  Game: Simón Dice You may need to teach some terms outside Episode 20 to play a full round of Simón Dice. Try to use terms that are reflexive or body parts. Siéntate, levántate, muévete,...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 19: La inmobiliara

Episode 19: La inmobiliara Quiero, puedo, voy, the house. Game: Flyswatter I made a SlideShare about la casa and parts of the house. Project it onto the board and teach/ talk about parts of the house. Use the drawings and real photos to play flyswatter by giving...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 18: ¿Quién conduce?

Episode 18: ¿Quién conduce? Imperatives, ir, cars.  Game: Luz Verde, Luz Roja Play “Red Light, Green Light” in Spanish, with a twist. This is best played outside or in a gym. "It" goes to one side, and the rest of the class lines up on the other. Whoever is “it” calls...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 17: Otro color

Episode 17: Otro color Clothing, shoes, poder, colors Game/Activity: Steal the Bacon This game is best played outside or in a gym. Line up articles of clothing or shoes exactly in the middle. You will want to use old clothes because there might be some wear and tear...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 16: La habitación 320

Episode 16: La habitación 320 Ordinals, 100's, possessives, the alphabet. Game: Bingo I don't always think the alphabet is crucial for beginners (a few times watching the song below and the sounds will be familiar), but often it's a requirement to teach. I think Bingo...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 15: Una excursión

Episode 15: Una excursión The months of the year, questions words Activity: Order the Months Write the months out on large pieces of paper. Give one each to a set of 12 students, and have them put themselves in order without speaking English. If you have a large...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 14: ¿Te gusta el vino?

Episode 14: ¿Te gusta el vino? Booking a room, giving personal information, hay/es/está.  Just a heads up: As the title implies, this episode centers on a visit to a winery. If that's an issue for your class, you may want to preview this one! Activity: Me Gusta / No...

Mi Vida Loca Episode 13: El restaurante

Episode 13: El restaurante Ordering a meal, er/ ir verbs,  more food. Game: Batalla Naval Print out the Battleship games I have available as a freebie and fill in the verbs from Episode 10. (Or buy the Mi Vida Loca Activity Pack and print our ready-to-go games aligned...


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